Welcome to France!

In 2015 and for the first time, France will host the annual congress of the World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply (WFHSS). As WFHSS is the major professional event for specialists working in the field of decontamination, infection control and sterilisation services, the French Society of Sterilisation (AFS) is very proud to invite you to participate in the 16th WFHSS in Lille from 7 to 10th  october 2015.

For this special event, more than 1 200 congress participants are expected. It will be an opportunity for each of us to meet specialists in decontamination and sterilisation, to share practice experiences, to exchange views and to discuss crucial issues. The World congress, with the participation of a large diversity of healthcare professionals (nurses, CSSD managers…) and industrial partners is certainly the best place to discover technological innovations, scientific studies  and to help us  improve our sterilisation practices. 

Lille has been chosen among other French cities because of its wonderful location in the heart of Europe offering flights to worldwide destinations. Lille is one of the most beautiful cities in France, representing our cultural and historical heritage in a safe friendly environment. The French Society of Sterilisation is ready to do its best to welcome you at WFHSS 2015.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Lille from 7 to 10th october 2015.

Bests regards


Christophe Lambert & board committee of AFS





Dear Colleagues, dear Members of the WFHSS,

It is a pleasure to invite you to attend the 16th WFHSS annual congress. It is organized by AFS (French Association for Sterilization) and WFHSS and takes place in Lille.

A trading city since medieval times, Lille has always been at a crossroads of  exchanges, influenced by different cultures. Flemish, Burgundian and then Spanish before becoming French, Lille is a multicultural place.

Lille, capital of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region, is proud of its festive traditions and its gastronomy and Northerners’ generous and warm nature make visitors feel welcome.

With EURASANTE, Lille combines in one location the multiple stakeholders  in Health  sector.

At the heart of the largest University hospital campus in Europe, training centres, universities, businesses and pharmaceutical companies constitute an extraordinary pool of professionals. This is how EURASANTE combines in its park all areas of expertise in the  fields of health, nutrition and biotechnologies.
EURASANTE makes it easier for scientific information to be disseminated and encourages contacts and interactions between stakeholders in the industry to develop innovative projects and efficient  collaborative efforts.
The cluster, which is supported by the city and region, emerges as a real boost for innovation, and business accelerator, to constitute a unique network of scientific and commercial partners.

So what better place than Lille, which meets perfectly our values to  share experience??

 The growing success of our annual congress shows that good practices in sterilisation, disinfection and infection control are now a goal shared by all countries.

It also indicates that working together is the better way to achieve this objective  for the benefit of all the patients.

The congress will give opportunities  to learn about the up to date informations and to step forward into the future.

It will provide a platform of exchanges and reflection as well as an exhibition with the latest technological innovations.


The organizers, the industrial partners and the WFHSS look forward to welcoming many of you in Lille in October 2015.

  With warm regards

Dr Christine DENIS, WFHSS President








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Lille - October 2015, 7th to 10th